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Store-News 2023

Store-News 2023

Published on 10.02.2023

Afobs watch out!

What's new in our stores?

In Berlin we are busy moving, our stores in the Boulevard and Alexa get a new place!

Berlin Boulevard


In addition, once again a new opening is just around the corner...

Wolfsburg gets its first BlueBrixx store and that will be of course not a normal store, but a megastore!

The opening will probably take place on 04.03.2023. We are looking forward to you!


But of course that's not all...one store opening is no store opening....

So let's open another store in...



Currently, our stocktaking in the stores is running at full speed, stay up to date on our social media channels to not miss the exact opening hours.

--> Facebook

--> Instagram


That's it for now with news from our stores, soon there will be more for sure...

Until then, you can never have enough bricks!

Have fun building and shopping!