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BlueBrixx Pro Robocop-Sets - now available

BlueBrixx Pro Robocop-Sets - now available

Published on 22.02.2024

Delta City, formerly known as the Detroit metro area in the north eastern United States, is a project by Omni Consumer Products mega-corporation or OCP for short. OCP sought to fully privatize Detroit to create Delta City, a municipality governed by corporatocracy including services such as the police force.

But crime runs rampant in the streets of Delta City and does cost casualties among the local police force. This is the dark futuristic dystopia of Sci-Fi cult classic RoboCop.

BlueBrixx and OCP are delighted to offer the first sets of this classic now. Starting out with Brick Buddies of the most important protagonist and antagonists of the series their vehicles and part of their equipment.


RoboCop Brick Buddy

RoboCop, also called under his previous name Alex Murphy by his colleagues, officially designated by OCP as OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001 is a police cyborg serving in the Detroit police. Acting on variations of the Three Laws of Robotics by Isaac Asimov RoboCop acts on these directives: Serve the public trust, Protect the innocent and Uphold the law. His cybernetic body does provide him with several weapons, analytics and defence systems to fulfil his duties as a law enforcement officer.

Anne Lewis

Anne Lewis Brick Buddy

Anne Lewis has been partnered with Alex Murphy until being murdered in duty and partnered again after being resurrected as RoboCop. Due to many strikes of the privatized police force the two of them have often been alone in the line of fire facing Detroits criminals with little to no backup while out on patrol.


ED-209 Brick Buddy

The Enforcement Droid, Series 209 or ED-209 for short is a fully-automated series of peacekeeping robots created and manufactured by OCP. They had been intended for use in urban pacification but OCP has also been in negotiations with the military for use in warfare. During the first demonstration of the system there has been a disastrous malfunction ending in casualties which led to green-lighting the RoboCop program.

Cain / RoboCop 2

Cain / RoboCop 2 Brick Buddy

RoboCop 2 has been developed to support the police in furthering OCPs plan to convert Detroit to Delta City and protect its citizens and also rid the city of the drug Nuke. The brain of drug lord Cain used in RoboCop 2’s body proved to be uncontrollable and led to many murders before the cyborg could be destroyed for good by RoboCop.

OCP Police Cruiser

OCP Police Cruiser

The OCP Police Cruiser is a very reliable patrol vehicle of the Detroit police force. Equipped with red and blue lights, search lights and nudge bars the vehicle is constructed very sturdy to serve and protect in the inner city jungle. There is a large variant with 1.411 pieces as well as an OCP Police Cruiser in a smaller scale with 376 pieces available.

6000 SUX

6000 SUX

The 6000 SUX is a four door executive type car with reclining leather seats, cruise control and radio being part of its standard features. Its fast speed did give it a mileage of 8.2 miles per gallon (equivalent of 28.7l/100km) making it a top of the line gas guzzler. The large air intake at the front does show just how powerful the motor in this executive type car is to warrant that fuel consumption.

Boddicker Gang Transporter

Boddicker Gang Transporter

The panel van used by the gang of Clearance Boddicker is as bare bones as a van can get. Spacious, robust and dodgy looking it does feature a brutally stripped down interior with no paint or primer whatsoever. Its full metal doors used to keep prying eyes and bullets out. Despite being stripped down like this it does not have enough horse power to outrun a police cruiser.

Cain's Armored Truck

Cain's Armored Truck

Drug lord Cain used this transport to distribute his drug Nuke in its many variants throughout the city. Disguised as a Bomb disposal unit (also of the atomic kind given its side print) and thanks to the police of Detroit being mostly on strike this could be done largely unbothered until the drug lab has been rounded up.

Auto 9 machine pistol

Auto 9 machine pistol

The Auto 9 machine pistol is part of RoboCops standard equipment. The weapon’s magazine contains 50 rounds of ammunition and is holstered in a compartment concealed in Robocops thigh. This compartment also houses at least one replacement magazine. The pistol can be armed with different types of ammunition at a time that can be selected by RoboCop via his weapons interface.

BlueBrixx Charity-Auktionen 2023

BlueBrixx Charity-Auktionen 2023

Published on 31.10.2023

Wie im vergangenen Jahr versteigern wird auch 2023 wieder zahlreiche Prototypen aus unserer Produktentwicklung zugunsten der Prinzessin Kira von Preußen Stiftung. Die Auktionen findet ihr ab sofort auf der Auktionsplattform eBay for Charity. Die insgesamt 21 Auktionen enden kommenden Sonntag, den 5. November 2023, zwischen 15:00 und 16:00 Uhr.

Neben dem einzigenartigen Prototypen eines Sets gibt es dazu eine Anleitung aus der Verkaufsversion des jeweiligen Produkt und eine Echtheitszeritifikat unterschrieben von der BlueBrixx-Geschäftsführung. Außerdem laden wir den oder die jeweilige Höchstbietende einer Autkion sowie eine Begleitperson am Freitag den 1. Dezember 2023 in unseren Firmensitz in Flörsheim am Main ein. Mit dabei enthalten ist eine Besichtigung unserer Entwicklungsabteilung und Youtube-Studio sowie ein Meet & Greet mit einigen der aus Youtube bekannten Gesichtern.

BlueBrixx Charity-Auktionen 2023 bei eBay for Charity


BlueBrixx charity acutions 2023

Like last year we do auction off prototypes from our product development again. All proceeds do benefit Prinzessin Kira von Preußen Stiftung. You can find all auctions now on eBay for Charity. The 21 auctions will end next Sunday November 5, 2023 between 3:00pm and 4:00pm.

You do not just bid for a truly one of a kind prototype but also receive the building instructions booklet from the final product and a certificate of authenticity signed by the CEO of BlueBrixx. We also do invite the highest bidder and a person of their choice to visit our offices in Flörsheim am Main on Friday December 1, 2023. This is your chance to have a look in our product development departent and Youtube studio and have a meet & greet with several of our presenters known from our Youtube videos.

BlueBrixx Pro Kids sets - available now!

BlueBrixx Pro Kids sets - available now!

Published on 06.10.2023

Mid August we revealed our plans about our new BlueBrixx mini figures. We have revealed that we will have licensed sets coming with figures in 2024 but before that we do have a kids line coming in our BlueBrixx Pro series, produced together with QMan. Now the first about 30 sets of that line are available to be found in our shop here: BlueBrixx Pro → Kids. Here you find a short introduction to the various series in the kids line:

Kyanite Squad

Kyanite Squad: Exploration Base

Kyanite Squad is an organistation mining the valuable kyanite crystals that can be used for various things. Employing specialists all around the globe to do the dangerous work in remote areas. zum Abbau des wertvollen Kristall Kyanite, der sich vielfältig einsetzen lässt und für den Abbau in gefährlichen Gebieten absolute Spezialisten erfordert. Equipped with probing vehicles, movile laboratory, kyanite gathere, transport helicopter and exploration base they are trying to find and mine this mineral.

Kyanite Squad: Deep Sea Mission

Kyanite Squad: Kyanite HQ Boot

Kyanite Squad is not just exploring the dry land but also the deep sea. The deep sea mission specialists do mine the crystals under water as well. From their Kyanite HQ Boat they do start missions with survey gliders, mini mining subs, explorer sub or the mighty titan drill.

Forest Police

Forest Police: Flying Police Headquarter

The forest police keeps the jungle, swamps, forests and rain forests save. The police officers are always on the chase for poachers, hunters and illegal lumbering to get them behind bars and protect the wilf life and nature. Their big head quarters allow them to send out special forces to rescue panda bears, tigers and other wild animals needing protection from bad actors.

City Police

City Police: Police Station

Not just the jungle but the concrete jungle does ned peace keeping and safe guarding by police officers. Starting from their big city head quarters they patrol the city in police cars and boats to prevent any heist in planning or progress.

City Fire Rescue/h2>

City Fire Rescue: Fire Station

While the police keeps the citizens save from bad actors the fire department keeps them save from fires and other natural desasters. Starting from the fire station the brave fire fighters will deal with any fire from a small news agent catching fire to major fire operations in high rises. They are also equipped for duty off shore and in the forests in the hinterlands.

Princess Leah

Princess Leah: Summer Palace

Many fairy tales begin with "A long time ago in a far away land...". And just like in a fairy tale is the life of Princess Leah and her court. Reigning over the land from the royal palace, spending the summers in the summer palace and visiting the royal library and academy to study. For relaxtion visiting the castle gardens or sailing the rivers is always a good idea.


Cherry: Holiday Villa

Cherry is all about having a nice and relaxing vacation: The holiday villa is the ideal place to start from for a day at the beach. Passing the lifeguard station, you can set up camp at the beach and spend the night under the stars after a nice meal in the nearby seafood restaurant. If you are more in for water fun without sand between the toes, you can head over to Sunshine water park in your camper van instead.

Mini blocks for all!

Mini blocks for all!

Published on 24.07.2023

We did put many mini blocks sets on sale: Save 30% on more than 60 mini blocks sets from LOZ and Sembo.

Maxi fun in mini format

Mini blocks are just about two thirds the size of standard size blocks but do offer a lot of building fun. LOZ hides plenty of details in their mini size, very colorful sets. Dive into the big world of mini bricks with mom & pop shops of old China, apartment dioramas, food trucks, dreamlike buildings from fairy tales, highly decorated buildings, forest retreats and mordern high streets.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by to start with these great sets of mini blocks for small prices. Visit our sales page to see which sets are 30% off right now.

Offers valid while stock lasts, valid on the online shop and in stores.

Marco does have all the sale details in video form as well (German only):

Youtube: Rabattaktion auf viele Miniblocks-Sets

Star Trek Series 5 - These sets are coming next!

Star Trek Series 5 - These sets are coming next!

Published on 22.07.2023

The current Series 4 of our Star Trek models didn't fully go to retail yet and we do present a preview of the Series 5 sets already? Oh yes, we sure do. In our most recent preview video and in this very blog post you will learn which much wanted sets are awaiting as upcoming full scale props, Brick Buddies, mini-, midsize- and display size models. Also we have another shuttle in the mini figure scale and an advent calendar waiting for you this holiday season. As always you can find all of the upcoming sets in our Star Trek category and sign up for a release notfication via email.

In our video Marco and Dirk present all the colorful prototypes in our most recent preview video:

YouTube: Star Trek Series 5 - What took you so long?

If you prefer text you can find all the information about all upcoming sets in their proper colors below:

Props for sick bay

Props: Medical Tricorder and Hypospray

After supplying the security department on Starfleet vessels and Klingon warriors with plenty of weaponary with our previous props, now officers doning blue uniforms do get their proper equipment. No matter if the chief medical officer is one of flesh and blood or an emergency medical hologram all are very likely to use a medical tricorder for diagnosing their many patients and needing to apply them with some hypospray for medication.

New Brick Buddies

Brick Buddies: Coming up with Series 5

Having added Brick Buddies in our Series 4 as a new category of sets we do add six more main and recurring characters with our Series 5. These are coming next:

  • Captain Benjamin Sisko: Commanding officer of Deep Space Nine equipped with phaser, baseball and baseball glove
  • Data: The science officer of U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D comes with a PADD and his trusty cat Spot who did cost his fellow senior officers some nerves while pet sitting.
  • Seven of Nine: The former Borg drone found a new home on the USS Voyager NCC-74656 and helps the crew with at times unconventional methods and her vast knowledge of the Delta quadrant.
  • Q: The almost omnipotent being from the Q continuum found a favorite opponent in Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Taking humankind to court in the TNG pilot episode, Q turned out to be more of a joker in subsequent appearances.
  • Quark: This Ferengi business man owns and runs a bar on the promenade of Deep Space Nine and tries to follow the rules of acquisition to amass maximum profit. Unfortunately his own family in form of his mother, brother and nephew do know how to prevent him from achieving just that.
  • James T. Kirk: Captain James T. Kirk has been in command of the first Enterprise to bear the registration NCC-1701 and her successor NCC-1701-A. Along his senior staff of officers he has experienced a lot of adventures in his long Starfleet career..

Six new vessels in the minisize

Series 5 minisize models

Just like our previous series this sees the addition of six more models in the minisize. These models are coming next:

  • V'Ger (Star Trek: The Motion Picture): This several dozen miles long ship has collected a vast amount of knowledge in its several hundred year travel back to Earth.
  • USS Raven NAR-32450 (VOY 4x06: The Raven): The Raven has been a small civilian science vessel of the United Federation of Planets. Exo biologists Magnus and Erin Hansen along with their daughter Annika aboard, did research a cybernetic species only known as Borg far beyond the romulan neutral zone deep in the Beta quadrant.
  • USS Equinox NCC-72381 (VOY 5x26: Equinox Part 1+2): The Equinox like the Voyager has been brought into the Delta quadrant by the caretaker. While the crew of the Voyager tries to uphold the ideals of the Federation and adhere to Starfleet protocol, the crew of the Equinox just tries to get home by the means deemed easiest to them.
  • SS Botany Bay (TOS 1x24: Space Seed): SS Botany Bay was a sleeper ship from late 20th century Earth. Launched on Earth in 1996 and led by Khan Noonien Singh and his Augments they left Earth after their defeat by non-Augments.
  • Jem'Hadar Battleship (Deep Space Nine): The Jem'Hadar Battleship was a type of battleship used by the Dominion. It was first seen in the Alpha quadrant during the Dominion War in 2374.
  • Scimitar (Star Trek: Nemesis): The Scimitar ist a reman battleship equipped with dozens of disruptor banks, photon torpedo bays, primary and secondary shields as well as a cloaking device. She's a predator.

Many old friends in a new size coming in midsize now

Many of old friends to be seen in midsize

This time five models do join the ranks of your midsize fleet. Four of which have been previously seen as minisize or minifigure scale sets:

  • USS Excelsior NX-2000 (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock): Called a bucket of bolts by Montgomery Scott this experimental vessel has been equipped with a transwarp drive and was later captained by Hikaru Sulu with a more conventional warp drive as NCC-2000.
  • USS Stargazer NCC-2893 (TNG 1x09: The Battle): Once captained by Jean-Luc Picard for many years this ship has been considered lost or destroyed for many years after a batte against a Ferengi ship. It eventually returned as a poisoned gift by the Ferengi.
  • USS Thunderchild NCC-63549 (Star Trek: First Contact): The Akira class did toss many Starfleet design conventions in the 24th century overboard and rather took inspiration from NX-class type ships of the 22nd century. This ship class served in battles against the Borg and the Dominion in the late 24th century.
  • Jem'Hadar attack ship (Deep Space Nine): The Jem'Hadar attack ship has been one of the most used ship types by the Dominion during the Dominion War. By destroying the Galaxy class USS Odyssey this ship showed off its devastating powers.
  • Danube class Runabout (Deep Space Nine): The Danube class runabout has been a long distance shuttle that thanks to its size and equipment could be used for long range missions. Before the Defiant has been stationed on Deep Space Nine these Runabouts have been the main means of the station personell to explore the Gamma quadrant.

The Sovereign class flag ship as a display size model

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E in display size

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E has been the sixth ship of Starflett to be assigned this name and legacy registration. The Sovereign class has been the most modern and tecnological advanced ship class of the 2370s. 2373 the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard took part n the Battle of Sector 001 against the Borg and made sure the First Contact between Humans and Vulcans did happen in 2063 as historically chronicled. Afterwards the Enterprise-E took on missions for the Starfleet diplomatic corps and did not actively take part in the Dominion War.

22nd century Shuttlepod in minifigure scale

Enterprise NX-01 Shuttlepod in minifigure scale

22nd century Shuttlepods have been small shuttles for up to seven persons used as a transport from and to planetary surfaces or between ships. On occasion they have been used to transport diplomatic delegations. Two of these 6.10 meter long shuttlepods have been in use on the Enterprise NX-01 between 2151 and 2161.

A Star Trek advent calendar?!

Star Trek advent calendar

This holiday seasons Trekkies can look forward to Christmas Day. This year a Star Trek advent calendar awaits. Behind its 24 doors you will find plenty of Starfleet vessels, alien ships and props in microscale format made from just a handful of bricks each. What does wait for every day will be kept secret for the time being.

Live long and prosper!

It's spring cleaning time!

It's spring cleaning time!

Published on 18.04.2023

Afobs watch out!

Our spring cleaning is far from over...

Grab the offers with up to 75% discount!

Whether nature-loving like the Modern Tree House, racy like the sports car in blue, architectural like the Eiffel Tower or medieval like the Tavern, there is something for everyone.

The promotion runs until 30.04.2023, so go ahead, rummage around and get your bricks!

In this video you get again all the important information you need --> YouTube

Spring cleaning

You can never have enough bricks!

We wish you lots of fun building!

Our Chrome Packs are hitting the stores!

Our Chrome Packs are hitting the stores!

Published on 07.03.2023

Afobs, pay attention!

We want to create some space in our warehouse to offer you new exciting sets and therefore send our still available Chrome Packs to our stores all over Germany.

From now on you won't find our Chrome Packs in our online shop but from next week on in all our stores!

But only while stocks last...

Chrome Packs

Of course you can still find all other Part Packs online.

You can buy all Chrome Packs for 3,50 € each in our stores, that means about 40 % cheaper than in the online store. Great offer, isn't it?

A little info: Not every Chrome Pack will be available in every store, so don't wait too long and head to the stores!

So let us surprise you, we are looking forward to you!

You can never have enough bricks (Chrome Packs too, by the way).

Store-News 2023

Store-News 2023

Published on 10.02.2023

Afobs watch out!

What's new in our stores?

In Berlin we are busy moving, our stores in the Boulevard and Alexa get a new place!

Berlin Boulevard


In addition, once again a new opening is just around the corner...

Wolfsburg gets its first BlueBrixx store and that will be of course not a normal store, but a megastore!

The opening will probably take place on 04.03.2023. We are looking forward to you!


But of course that's not store opening is no store opening....

So let's open another store in...



Currently, our stocktaking in the stores is running at full speed, stay up to date on our social media channels to not miss the exact opening hours.

--> Facebook

--> Instagram


That's it for now with news from our stores, soon there will be more for sure...

Until then, you can never have enough bricks!

Have fun building and shopping!

Valentine's Day for everyone!

Valentine's Day for everyone!

Published on 03.02.2023

Roses are red, bricks are blue, you are looking for a gift? We have it for you!

Valentine's Day is coming soon and we have the perfect gifts for each of you!

You are newly in love and looking for a romantic gift for your partner? Then take a look at our Valentine's Day assortment, here you will find everything around roses, hearts and cute little bears.

Or maybe you're already in a long, happy relationship and know exactly what theme to look for, such as cars, ships, trains or science fiction.

Some of you just want to give yourself a special treat and spend a great day building a challenging set, then check out the Medieval, Architectural or Modular Buildings categories.

If you prefer to browse locally or need a gift on short notice without delivery time, feel free to stop by our numerous stores and maybe just take some bricks from our Brick Bars to get creative by yourself or with your partner!

You can never have enough bricks!

We hope you have fun gifting and building!

Love for all <3

An exciting year is coming to an end!

An exciting year is coming to an end!

Published on 31.12.2022

It's that time again...

The New Year's Eve is approaching and another year with numerous highlights lies behind us! In this course we would like to thank all bricks fans for your loyalty and enthusiasm for bricks! Through you, our work only makes sense and above all huge fun!


A year full of sets is behind us, but besides having fun on our sets, we also had huge fun as a team in front of and behind the camera. The video team put together a few moments and our team reacts.

Here is the review 2022 - part 1 --> YouTube


Here the review 2022 - part 2 --> YouTube


The entire BlueBrixx team, whether in Flörsheim or in all stores throughout Germany wishes a happy new year 2023!

Also in the new year you can never have enough bricks, have fun building!

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