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We celebrate 5.000 Youtube subscribers - big preview special @ BlueBrixx!

5,000 Youtube subscribers are a reason to celebrate! On this occasion Klaus and Marco take a look into the future and show prototypes and designs.

Attention, spoilers!


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Youtube: Romantic Heart - house with LED lighting by Xingbao @ BlueBrixx

Youtube: Romantic Heart - house with LED lighting by Xingbao @ BlueBrixx

Published on 18.05.2019

Today it gets romantic in our Brick Studio! Michael takes Klaus to his newly built house with whirlpool, piano, cosy furnishings and a small garden full of plants. With large windows, bright colours and many details, this set by Xingbao offers a lot of building fun in 1,500 parts.

Michael shows the actual high "light" of the house in dim light: A total of 33 small LEDs bathe the garden and the floors of the house in romantic light. An extraordinary bonus, which we'd like to see in more brick sets!

From 20:12 Klaus shows two sets of 4 buildings each in micro-scale, with which one can build small streets. We'll take a closer look at these sets in a later video!

The Romantic Heart building by Xingbao on Youtube:

Youtube BlueBrixx Xingbao Romantic Heart

Youtube: GMC M36 Jackson by BlueBrixx

Youtube: GMC M36 Jackson by BlueBrixx

Published on 17.05.2019

The US tank destroyer GMC M36 Jackson was used in the final phase of the 2nd World War. Better armed and better armoured, it was a radical upgrade of the M10 Wolverine.

In this video Marco introduces the BlueBrixx model of this tank. As always, he has some information on the historical model prepared and goes into details of the model's implementation with bricks. The video builds on the information about the M10 Wolverine, which is presented in this video.

The GMC M36 Jackson on Youtube:

Youtube BlueBrixx GMC M36 Jackson