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Youtube: 01023 Bank by Xingbao with LED modification @ BlueBrixx

Youtube: 01023 Bank by Xingbao with LED modification @ BlueBrixx

Published on 18.06.2019

In our Brick Studio Klaus, Michael and Marco take turns shooting new videos, each filmed by our cameraman Bartosz. Announcements and FAQ videos are mostly done by Klaus, most product presentations of other brands are done by Klaus and Michael and Marco shows our new BlueBrixx Specials.

Today it's once again a set of the Xingbao brand and Klaus and Michael travel to the Far East! Together they visit a bank from a time when gold bars were still guarded by guards with swords. Papyrus rolls, lanterns, a shrine with incense sticks and much more can be discovered there.

Michael set up the Xingbao set with 2,955 parts and tells Klaus about his construction experience. But our logistics expert didn't just finish the set. As an experiment, he installed parts of the LED lighting of his Romantic Hearts set and illuminated the Chinatown building. The result is something to be proud of!

At 17:32 Klaus announces good news: We will soon be able to offer these LED light chains separately! This means that nothing stands in the way of lighting other buildings. In addition, you can literally sense great things on the horizon - from 26:32 you can learn more...

The video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/jqzKLdtE_8k

Youtube: 01023 Bankhaus von Xingbao mit LED-Umbau @ BlueBrixx