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Youtube: Review of two US tanks and the new Jeep!

Youtube: Review of two US tanks and the new Jeep!

Published on 03.01.2019

So, for 2019 we have decided to publish a weekly Youtube video, too.

In the first video of the year, Marco introduces you to two special models from the series of our US tanks, a huge floating tank and a fast scouting tank. He also presents a new model: the legendary Jeep! Two automobile companies made more than 600,000 pieces of this car during World War II.

Check out the video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/W58UIF3Drlw

US_ Army_Bluebrixx Youtube

More freight cars available!

More freight cars available!

Published on 27.12.2018

In the latest Youtube video, Marco introduces three new freight cars: the little brother of our large regular sized flat wagon, an open class E freight wagon and a huge low loader wagon. As always Marco has some interesting information about the models of our models and shows the cars in action.

Currently, the first of our freight cars are already out of stock, but of course are re-produced. In our shop you can already see a lot of other freight cars, passenger cars and the first locomotives! If you wish, you will receive an email from us as soon as your favorite models go on sale via our new notification function.

Check out the video:

bluebrixx freight trains

Happy holidays and a happy new year!

Happy holidays and a happy new year!

Published on 24.12.2018

The Bluebrixx team wishes all friends, fans and customers happy holidays and a happy new year! By the way, in the video Marco asks, what do you want for Christmas 2019 as a Bluebrixx-Special? Write us your wildest, coolest, most extraordinary product ideas as a comment on Youtube!

Check out the video: https://youtu.be/brP-X4Pkuy0 

Bluebrixx Christmas


Youtube: Foley Square in detail!

Youtube: Foley Square in detail!

Published on 20.12.2018

Just in time for Christmas, our third big Manhattan module has been released! The Foley Square and its surrounding skyscrapers was rebuilt out of 1214 bricks.

In the current video, Marco presents the module in detail and tells which striking buildings and squares you can discover. For example, did you know that in New York City there is a 170-meter-high house without windows?

Check out the video: https://youtu.be/1y5-mvlHdiY 

Foley Sqaure Manhattan Module Bluebrixx

It's Christmas time: Foley Square and preview!

It's Christmas time: Foley Square and preview!

Published on 18.12.2018

Just in time for Christmas, the next Manhattan module has arrived! The 1214-piece Foley Square fits the north side of City Hall and is the third major set of our Manhattan construction project after the World Trade Center.

The Bluebrixx Specials section of our webshop is growing rapidly and soon we will divide it into subsections. In addition to the many now available sets, you will also find isolated products with red markings that are currently out of stock and will be reproduced later. Do not worry, every one of our products comes back!

Especially exciting are the sets with the green mark "coming soon". Here you will find a lot of very different topics:

- 12 more freight cars, some of which should arrive in the next few days

- the first 3 fire engines, for which we are missing only the sticker sheets

- The Manhattan module "Foley Square", which could arrive here before Christmas

- The next Manhattan module "Brookfield Place", the first module on the banks of the Hudson!

- new military sets of the Wehrmacht, US troops and as terrain

- the first passenger cars and locomotives!

- a spaceship and a flying car!

Some of the new products will take a while to be produced and to be stocked, others are already on their way to us. But you can easily find out when your favorite set arrived: on each product page of the sets that will be available soon you will find a button "Inform, if available" and you can deposit your e-mail adress. As soon as the set goes on sale you will be the first to find out!



comming soon bluebrixx

YouTube: Focusing on current news!

YouTube: Focusing on current news!

Published on 13.12.2018

Christmas is approaching and Marco presents in the new Youtube video three products that have just arrived.

The first Bluebrixx Special offers you to build 24 trees of different sizes and shapes. With over 500 bricks, the set is a great supplier of dioramas!

Our first freight cars are now joined by a closed car with brakeman's cab, perfect for the end of a freight train. The doors can be opened, too.

In our first book, "Panzer aus Noppensteinen", we introduce four iconic tanks of World War II, including background information, pics and detailed instructions. With the help of the illustrated parts list you can build the models with bricks from your own collection, but you can also find the tanks in our shop.

Here's the video: https://youtu.be/WMbIW7fwAfM 



It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!

Published on 11.12.2018

Just two weeks until Christmas and our christmas elfs have their hands full! Not only do they prepare to ship your orders, they are also unpacking many new items these days and stacking them on our shelves.

Already arrived:

- The book "Tanks made of Bricks" full of information and great instructions for building four well-known tanks

- a set of over 500 bricks for the construction of 24 individual trees, perfect for dioramas

- A closed freight wagon with box wagon braker, the ideal wagon for the end of a freight train

But that's not all! Over the next few days, we'll be seeing three fire engine models, a lot of new freight cars, and last but not least, the next big Manhattan module: the Foley Square! It kind of looks like Santa's work ...


Panzer aus Noppensteinen

Youtube: Speedbuild & Review Video of the Tirpitz by Cobi

Youtube: Speedbuild & Review Video of the Tirpitz by Cobi

Published on 09.12.2018

Two new videos have been released on Youtube this week! In the first video Marco sets up the German battleship Tirpitz, a model by Cobi with 1982 bricks. Since that took over 4 hours, the video was a little bit faster and the parts are just flying together.

Our product designer has so much to tell about the model that we made a second video. A review about the product. Marco reports on the construction process, the parts and the stickers and then he gives his personal opinion about the set. Sneak Peek: he had a lot of fun!

Here's the video: https://youtu.be/YoXFEZZl3xA 

Tirpitz Cobi
Cobi Tirpitz

Unboxing & Speed Build Battleship Tirpitz by Cobi

Unboxing & Speed Build Battleship Tirpitz by Cobi

Published on 06.12.2018

Hello from the Noppenstein studio!

Today Marco builds the German battleship Tirpitz, a model by Cobi from 1982 bricks. Since the fun took a few hours, the video is a little bit faster and the parts just fly together.

We hope you have fun.

Here is the video: https://youtu.be/oa3MrpbhK5w

speed build tirpitz

Bluebrixx specials on the online store

Bluebrixx specials on the online store

Published on 04.12.2018

On the online store of bluebrixx.com we offer a lot of bricks sets by different manufacturers, from bags with single bricks to large architectural models. Of course, the Bluebrixx specials, which we develop and produce ourselves, are particularly important to us.

Especially for our own brand Bluebrixx-Specials we have revised our webshop. For some days now, all our products have always been visible, even if they are currently not on stock. These are then marked as "CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK".

Even new sets that are in production are shown in the shop before they are released, marked with "coming soon". You can even be notified by email when an out of stock set gets on stock again or an interesting novelty arrived!


Bluebrixx-Special_ooutof stock