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Ellis Island as a special model of the Manhattan series

Ellis Island as a special model of the Manhattan series

Published on 25.11.2018

The next modules of our huge Manhattan construction project are in production, the first module "City Hall" is back on stock!

Ellis Island is located in the New York harbor west of Lower Manhattan and was now also built out of bricks. At the beginning of the 20th century, the island was the head office of the immigration office of New York. More than 12 million immigrants arrived in the US via this island until the island was decommissioned in 1956.

Our small model of about 260 parts shows the larger northern part of the island with the main building, which is now used as a museum. Since the island is located in the harbor area on the west bank of the Hudson River, it does not fit directly to one of the 17 other Manhattan modules. But the scale is the same, and from Lower Manhattan there are many daily ferries to Ellis Island. In later modules such ferries will be built from bricks and be on the Manhattan's moorings!


ellis island 1
ellis island 2