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The files to our tank tracks

The files to our tank tracks

Published on 23.10.2018

Since the range of Lego® on different chain links for tanks is quite sparse, we have developed different chain links in different sizes. This is necessary so that your tank models also have chains that correspond well to the real model and its proportions. As a BlueBrixx-Special you will find three different sizes. The smallest is 1 ½ nubs long, the middle 2 nubs long and the big one is 3 nubs long. You get a set of 100 pieces for 5, - to 6, - Euro. In addition to the typical black, we also have the chains in dark gray and dark silver. I personally like the steel-colored ones in dark silver best.

In order to use the BlueBrixx chain links in your LDraw drafts, we have made the LDraw files available to download. They need to be in the folder "Parts / unofficial". For details, see the LDraw tutorial, if you do not already know it all. So, have fun with the BlueBrixx tank tracks.

> Here you will find the files for download
> Here you will find the BlueBrixx tank track links

tank track link