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Youtube: Tank position by BlueBrixx

Youtube: Tank position by BlueBrixx

Published on 01.07.2019

In addition to many vehicles such as tanks and trucks, BlueBrixx also offers military terrain sets. The tank position, our newest model of this kind, is presented by Marco in this video. From 863 parts, a battle position is created that is sunk into the ground and supported by beams, with trees offering additional camouflage.

Marco shows the model from all angles and spreads out the bags full of bricks contained in the box of this set. With these bricks you could also build a trench, a command post or something completely different...

From 10:32 Marco informs about another novelty: The Opel Blitz already presented in a set with a trailer is now also available without trailer.

The video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/9P0lRiK6fdo

Youtube: Tank position by BlueBrixx