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Youtube: GMC M10 Wolverine by BlueBrixx

Youtube: GMC M10 Wolverine by BlueBrixx

Published on 14.05.2019

What is dark green and unique? Our military models of the US Army! Only we produce some of their parts in dark green. In general, you can download our building instructions for free and build the sets with your own bricks - but with our US tanks you may have to change the color. Today Marco presents one of these models in the Brick Studio:

Tank destroyers - lightly armored and heavily armed - were an important part of the US Army in the 2nd World War. While battle tanks mainly supported infantry, tank destroyers specifically fought enemy tanks.

In this video Marco illuminates this type of vehicle and introduces the GMC M10 Wolverine. Almost 5,000 units of this US tank destroyer were built before new tank models of the German Wehrmacht made stronger tank destroyers necessary.

The video on Youtube: