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Youtube: 04001 Alien Robot by Xingbao @ BlueBrixx

Youtube: 04001 Alien Robot by Xingbao @ BlueBrixx

Published on 10.05.2019

You can build anything out of bricks, but usually the models are rather compact and stand on large plates or many wheels. Sometimes, however, true master builders show that you can also build completely different things out of bricks:

Today Klaus and Michael have company in the Brick Studio: Between them lurks a dangerous monster from the depths of space!

Klaus can hardly get enough of this detailed model that Michael brought with him. Together they talk about building techniques, articulation possibilities and the saliva flow of the big Xingbao set. 2,020 parts and over 50 cm high, a model not from this world!

The video on Youtube:

Youtube BlueBrixx Xingbao Alien