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The first prototypes from our cooperation with CustomBricks

The first prototypes from our cooperation with CustomBricks

Published on 12.02.2019

In our BlueBrixx Specials we already offer a large selection of military models from the period of World War II. This range will soon be extended to include models that CustomBricks has developed and that we produce as cooperation partners.

BlueBrixx CustomBricks prototypes


In addition to an big truck transport wagon for the railway, we have already built three tank models: The Wasp is already available in our shop, the Marder III and the half-track vehicle SdKfz 7-1 with Flak 38 will soon follow.

BlueBrixx CustomBricks tanks


With three variants of the Opel Blitz, we are entering the production of military trucks: one variant has a removable canopy above lorry bed and a smoke mortar as a trailer. The back of the next model is loaded with ammunition and tools. The third Opel Blitz is loaded like the second, but a trailer type Sd Ah 52 offers even more storage space. These three trucks fit perfectly on the truck transport wagon (without trailer).

BlueBrixx CustomBricks Opel B