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It's Christmas time: Foley Square and preview!

It's Christmas time: Foley Square and preview!

Published on 18.12.2018

Just in time for Christmas, the next Manhattan module has arrived! The 1214-piece Foley Square fits the north side of City Hall and is the third major set of our Manhattan construction project after the World Trade Center.

The Bluebrixx Specials section of our webshop is growing rapidly and soon we will divide it into subsections. In addition to the many now available sets, you will also find isolated products with red markings that are currently out of stock and will be reproduced later. Do not worry, every one of our products comes back!

Especially exciting are the sets with the green mark "coming soon". Here you will find a lot of very different topics:

- 12 more freight cars, some of which should arrive in the next few days

- the first 3 fire engines, for which we are missing only the sticker sheets

- The Manhattan module "Foley Square", which could arrive here before Christmas

- The next Manhattan module "Brookfield Place", the first module on the banks of the Hudson!

- new military sets of the Wehrmacht, US troops and as terrain

- the first passenger cars and locomotives!

- a spaceship and a flying car!

Some of the new products will take a while to be produced and to be stocked, others are already on their way to us. But you can easily find out when your favorite set arrived: on each product page of the sets that will be available soon you will find a button "Inform, if available" and you can deposit your e-mail adress. As soon as the set goes on sale you will be the first to find out!



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