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Wüstenbuggy von BanBao @ BlueBrixx
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Youtube: Tank IV by BlueBrixx

Youtube: Tank IV by BlueBrixx

Published on 28.06.2019

The Tank IV was originally developed as a support vehicle with a small number of units, but became the most built German tank combat vehicle. In the second half of the war the Tank IV (or Panzer IV in German) was the most important German tank, even if the Tiger or the Panther are the better known vehicles.

Our newest set has 912 parts and was designed by CustomBricks. Marco explores the details of the model, explains an important building step and takes a look into the box of a Panzer IV. The box is full to bursting!

The video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/wERTT3QAgpA

Youtube: Tank IV by BlueBrixx