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Four new Technic sets by Qihui arrived

Four new Technic sets by Qihui arrived

Published on 22.03.2019

You can build anything from bricks – a locomotive, a building, a tree and much more. If you use Technic elements with gears and axles, you can build in various functions such as steering or other hidden details.

In our shop category Technic you‘ll find some models of this kind. Among them is an impressive muscle car by Xingbao with 2,000 parts! Newly added are four small sets of the brand Qihui. Each of these sets with 261 to 351 parts can be assembled as a construction vehicle or as a different model, instructions for two models each are included. For example, the dump truck can also be a propeller aircraft!

Here you'll find the four new sets!

BlueBrixx Qihui Technic