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Youtube: steam locomotive BR 89 by BlueBrixx

Youtube: steam locomotive BR 89 by BlueBrixx

Published on 23.05.2019

It's always something special for us when a new set is released. This is especially true when we present a new locomotive, because railroad fans are especially looking forward to such models. And if it is not just any locomotive, it will be quite exciting...

Today the newly built track system of the Brick Studio is inaugurated with a special steam locomotive: The BR 89, or more precisely the BR 89.0, is probably one of the most often produced locomotives in the world!

At least in the model railway sector. Marco introduces the small steam locomotive in detail and also reveals how often it was originally driven on German rails. He also illuminates the construction techniques of this model with 358 parts, because there is a lot to see here!

The video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/eUy7XE5e450

Youtube BlueBrixx steam locomotive BR 89