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Das PLANETARIUM DES ASTRONOMEN - Ein Meisterwerk mit 7268 Teilen

Jedes Werk sucht seinen Meister. Kommt mit uns auf die Reise des Astronomen und entdeckt liebevolle Details, versteckte Kniffe und die fantasievolle Gestaltungskunst unseres Designers Sebastian. Wer den Leuchtturm des Astronomen bereits sein Eigen nennen darf, der kann sich vorstellen, was dieses Set zu bieten hat.

Dieses Meisterwerk aus Noppensteinen besteht aus 7268 Teilen und mit unserem Aufstockungs-Kit könnt ihr Leuchtturm und Planetarium auf eine Höhe bringen.


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BlueBrixx Pro Robocop-Sets - now available

BlueBrixx Pro Robocop-Sets - now available

Published on 22.02.2024

Delta City, formerly known as the Detroit metro area in the north eastern United States, is a project by Omni Consumer Products mega-corporation or OCP for short. OCP sought to fully privatize Detroit to create Delta City, a municipality governed by corporatocracy including services such as the police force.

But crime runs rampant in the streets of Delta City and does cost casualties among the local police force. This is the dark futuristic dystopia of Sci-Fi cult classic RoboCop.

BlueBrixx and OCP are delighted to offer the first sets of this classic now. Starting out with Brick Buddies of the most important protagonist and antagonists of the series their vehicles and part of their equipment.


RoboCop Brick Buddy

RoboCop, also called under his previous name Alex Murphy by his colleagues, officially designated by OCP as OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001 is a police cyborg serving in the Detroit police. Acting on variations of the Three Laws of Robotics by Isaac Asimov RoboCop acts on these directives: Serve the public trust, Protect the innocent and Uphold the law. His cybernetic body does provide him with several weapons, analytics and defence systems to fulfil his duties as a law enforcement officer.

Anne Lewis

Anne Lewis Brick Buddy

Anne Lewis has been partnered with Alex Murphy until being murdered in duty and partnered again after being resurrected as RoboCop. Due to many strikes of the privatized police force the two of them have often been alone in the line of fire facing Detroits criminals with little to no backup while out on patrol.


ED-209 Brick Buddy

The Enforcement Droid, Series 209 or ED-209 for short is a fully-automated series of peacekeeping robots created and manufactured by OCP. They had been intended for use in urban pacification but OCP has also been in negotiations with the military for use in warfare. During the first demonstration of the system there has been a disastrous malfunction ending in casualties which led to green-lighting the RoboCop program.

Cain / RoboCop 2

Cain / RoboCop 2 Brick Buddy

RoboCop 2 has been developed to support the police in furthering OCPs plan to convert Detroit to Delta City and protect its citizens and also rid the city of the drug Nuke. The brain of drug lord Cain used in RoboCop 2’s body proved to be uncontrollable and led to many murders before the cyborg could be destroyed for good by RoboCop.

OCP Police Cruiser

OCP Police Cruiser

The OCP Police Cruiser is a very reliable patrol vehicle of the Detroit police force. Equipped with red and blue lights, search lights and nudge bars the vehicle is constructed very sturdy to serve and protect in the inner city jungle. There is a large variant with 1.411 pieces as well as an OCP Police Cruiser in a smaller scale with 376 pieces available.

6000 SUX

6000 SUX

The 6000 SUX is a four door executive type car with reclining leather seats, cruise control and radio being part of its standard features. Its fast speed did give it a mileage of 8.2 miles per gallon (equivalent of 28.7l/100km) making it a top of the line gas guzzler. The large air intake at the front does show just how powerful the motor in this executive type car is to warrant that fuel consumption.

Boddicker Gang Transporter

Boddicker Gang Transporter

The panel van used by the gang of Clearance Boddicker is as bare bones as a van can get. Spacious, robust and dodgy looking it does feature a brutally stripped down interior with no paint or primer whatsoever. Its full metal doors used to keep prying eyes and bullets out. Despite being stripped down like this it does not have enough horse power to outrun a police cruiser.

Cain's Armored Truck

Cain's Armored Truck

Drug lord Cain used this transport to distribute his drug Nuke in its many variants throughout the city. Disguised as a Bomb disposal unit (also of the atomic kind given its side print) and thanks to the police of Detroit being mostly on strike this could be done largely unbothered until the drug lab has been rounded up.

Auto 9 machine pistol

Auto 9 machine pistol

The Auto 9 machine pistol is part of RoboCops standard equipment. The weapon’s magazine contains 50 rounds of ammunition and is holstered in a compartment concealed in Robocops thigh. This compartment also houses at least one replacement magazine. The pistol can be armed with different types of ammunition at a time that can be selected by RoboCop via his weapons interface.

BlueBrixx Charity-Auktionen 2023

BlueBrixx Charity-Auktionen 2023

Published on 31.10.2023

Wie im vergangenen Jahr versteigern wird auch 2023 wieder zahlreiche Prototypen aus unserer Produktentwicklung zugunsten der Prinzessin Kira von Preußen Stiftung. Die Auktionen findet ihr ab sofort auf der Auktionsplattform eBay for Charity. Die insgesamt 21 Auktionen enden kommenden Sonntag, den 5. November 2023, zwischen 15:00 und 16:00 Uhr.

Neben dem einzigenartigen Prototypen eines Sets gibt es dazu eine Anleitung aus der Verkaufsversion des jeweiligen Produkt und eine Echtheitszeritifikat unterschrieben von der BlueBrixx-Geschäftsführung. Außerdem laden wir den oder die jeweilige Höchstbietende einer Autkion sowie eine Begleitperson am Freitag den 1. Dezember 2023 in unseren Firmensitz in Flörsheim am Main ein. Mit dabei enthalten ist eine Besichtigung unserer Entwicklungsabteilung und Youtube-Studio sowie ein Meet & Greet mit einigen der aus Youtube bekannten Gesichtern.

BlueBrixx Charity-Auktionen 2023 bei eBay for Charity


BlueBrixx charity acutions 2023

Like last year we do auction off prototypes from our product development again. All proceeds do benefit Prinzessin Kira von Preußen Stiftung. You can find all auctions now on eBay for Charity. The 21 auctions will end next Sunday November 5, 2023 between 3:00pm and 4:00pm.

You do not just bid for a truly one of a kind prototype but also receive the building instructions booklet from the final product and a certificate of authenticity signed by the CEO of BlueBrixx. We also do invite the highest bidder and a person of their choice to visit our offices in Flörsheim am Main on Friday December 1, 2023. This is your chance to have a look in our product development departent and Youtube studio and have a meet & greet with several of our presenters known from our Youtube videos.