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Youtube: Rock set by BlueBrixx - with sample builds!

Youtube: Rock set by BlueBrixx - with sample builds!

Published on 21.06.2019

Normally Marco presents our new BlueBrixx Specials on his own, but this time he has brought Michael into the studio as reinforcement. Together they present our new bricks set of 40 rock elements, 20 each in two variants.

These rocks have a bad reputation with some brick fans and are considered ugly. Marco and Michael don't agree with that opinion! In order to prove that you can build wonderfully with these parts, both builders designed a model with rock elements. They introduce each other to their MOCs (my own creations) and give tips for the use of the rock bricks.

Please note that the first little batch of the rock elements is sold out, but a much larger shipment of rocks is already on its way to Germany and will arrive soon! My tip for you: Use the button "Inform me, when available" on our product page. We will then send you an automated email as soon as the sets is back in stock. You have to be registered for this button to appear, but registration comes with no obligations or advertising from us.

The video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/8NUN8oEGLas

Youtube: Rock set by BlueBrixx - with sample builds!